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I am a Solo ads buyer/seller and also on Affiliate marketing. I dislike scam and on a mission to give solo ads a good name.
From Malaysia.
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About me and my offer
High Quality Traffic 95% T1, Guaranteed 10% Over Delivery Suitable for IM/MMO Buyers List included Great customer service 100-500 clicks daily Will provide high quality traffic but I cannot guarantee sales and High opt-in All feedbacks are welcome Order Now with confidence
Why buy Solo ads?
Solo ads is a form of email marketing and most marketers agree that email traffic is still the most responsive traffic. These traffic can be measured, analyzed and highly scalable.
Why must I buy from you?
Simple, I build my list everyday. Which means, my list is fresh and eager in Your Offer.
I build my list not only from email traffic but also from other sources like Adwords and Social Media. This also means that my list is fresh, responsice, diversified, good for my clients.
Do you guarantee sales and Conversions?
Sorry, I cannot do that. I can send you high-quality responsive traffic but sales and conversions depend very much on your website and on your sales funnel.
What niches are your list responsive to?
My list is great for MMO/Internet Marketing. You can contact me for details if you are still unsure.
Can I buy cheaper traffic source, like those from Fiverr?
You can try at your own risk. Usually, those are not responsive traffic and most probably not human traffic. If it sound too good to be true, better stay away from it.