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200k+ list | 3k-5k/wk NEW subs | Tier 1 97%+| 1% OD | Niche - MMO, IM, Biz-op| Buyers list included |
From Latvia.
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Increase your ROI by getting highly qualified visitors for your business. ✅ 3000-5000 Fresh Leads Every Week from private ad networks, e-zines and trusted solo ad sellers. ✅ 200k+ list with high open rates. ✅ Tier 1 97%+ ✅ 1% Overdelivery Guaranteed ✅ Buyers Included proof of sales speak for themself
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Indulis is a real good seller and I got a 23% optin rate along with a FE buyer. I'll buy more traffic from him.
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Great results as always!!