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Ho Jun Yi
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What is the Tier 1 percentage your offer with your traffic?
i'm offering 95%-100% T1 traffic for my udimi customer
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10-15% bonus of your order
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I’m primarily focused on serving the Make Money Online, business opportunity and MLM (Make money online), Bizoop and network marketing offers.
How experienced are you?
I've been selling solo ads for 6+ years.
When will my solo ad start?
Usually within the hour unless you have scheduled a date.
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United States
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Testimonials from buyers of Ho Jun Yi
Thomas Olivares
Good solo, 18.5% opt in, 1 sale, over delivered clicks
Udimi stats: Delivered 265 out of 250 visitors (+6%)
14 May 2022
Got sales
Brian Brunk
Good Solo, got sales
Udimi stats: Delivered 220 out of 200 visitors (+10%)
7 May 2022
Got sales
Good and helpful seller. Had a error in my landing page. Was no problem to fix it. Good solo do got 28% filtered. Got 23% opt-in
Udimi stats: Delivered 127 out of 125 visitors (+2%)
4 May 2022
No sales
Grant Robb
First time using this seller, no upfront sales. I got engaged optins. I will be using this seller again :)
Udimi stats: Delivered 190 out of 175 visitors (+9%)
3 May 2022
No sales
Min Hyun Kim
Delivered 6% more than I asked. But The Opt-in rate is below 30%. Not so happy with this vendor. Try your luck btw.
Udimi stats: Delivered 267 out of 250 visitors (+7%)
2 May 2022
No sales
Good solo. Good amount of optins and 1 sale
Udimi stats: Delivered 262 out of 250 visitors (+5%)
2 May 2022
Got sales
Nice optins
Udimi stats: Delivered 1030 out of 1000 visitors (+3%)
30 Apr 2022
Got sales
Great service
Udimi stats: Delivered 108 out of 100 visitors (+8%)
30 Apr 2022
N/A sales
Brad Petty
Very responsive seller, some over delivery. Had some optins, will update review with sales and upgrades!
Udimi stats: Delivered 309 out of 300 visitors (+3%)
29 Apr 2022
No sales
Brian Brunk
Great solo! I got sales. I will use again in the future
Udimi stats: Delivered 175 out of 175 visitors
28 Apr 2022
Got sales