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Austin Gill
From South Africa.
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90%+ T1 / 10% OD ---Buyer List--- Fresh Leads added every week Suitable for MMO / MLM / Bizops / Crypto I've been in the industry for the past 7 Years. Working directly with a few private companies and have successfully serviced thousands of happy clients. What to expect from me : -Leads that haven't been doing the rounds for years on end. Actual interested buyers! Guaranteed 90%+ traffic from First world countries. Leads that actually speak English and can read your emails. Most importantly, leads that actually have money to spend. Countries included, USA, CAN, AU, UK and Europe. I believe in forming long-term relationships that last. In addition to my quality promise. I will always deliver more than you pay for. Rest assured, when I tell you that you're getting 100% legitimate email traffic. No more Bots , phishing sites and the rest of the garbage floating around the internet. You came here for real people. That's exactly what you're going to get from me.