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High-Quality Clicks, Buyers always included 90-100% Tier 1. At least 10% OD. Your offer goes to people who recently expressed an interest in MMO niche
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About me and my offer
When you work with me you get nothing but the best. If you're interested in high-quality traffic to promote your offer then this is what I offer: • Landing page is checked for any issues and optimization advice is offered if needed • I will test your funnel to make sure there are no broken links, email f/u received etc. • Your offer is blasted to targeted leads that recently indicated an interest in your niche • Every Click Is unique, ensuring every visitor you get is seeing your offer for the first time • Communication is key, I will be in touch with you throughout the process
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When Will My Traffic Order Begin?
Delivery starts within 24 hours-If for any reason  delivery is delayed(very rare) this will be communicated to you in a timely manner
How do you build your list?
My list is built with traffic from google PPC and media buys etc. I then nurture the leads offering them valuable information and freebies to helo the navigate the often lonely and confusing world of internet marketing. This helps build up a good relationship with my subscribers, making them more likely to take action when i recommend your offer to them.
How Often Do You Mail Your List
I Mail my list every day, once or twice a day. However, my list is segmented and this helps reduce list burn out. The same segment is not hammered with promotional emails every single day. I also watch for trends on offers that each segments respond to and try to keep my emails tailored to what that particular segment responds to.
What Of Repeat Customers..How Do You Keep The Clicks Unique?
I truly appreciate my repeat customers and my goal is to keep you happy and earn a life-long business relationship. I utilize advanced tracking systems that ensure each time a lead clicks on a link they are taking to a link they have never seen before.

I add fresh subscribers every day and you can be rest assured the same person will not see your offer twice. This ensures every click delivered is truly unique
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88% United States
2% Canada
2% United Kingdom
2% Australia
1% New Zealand
5% all the rest
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