How to start selling on Udimi

Go to Settings > Seller setup. There click Activate seller mode. The page will reload itself and show all the options.

Write about yourself

In “About me” section select your traffic niches and write a description about yourself for search results.

About me

This text will appear in the Find Sellers section on Udimi and global search engines (e.g. Google).

Setup your offer

Click the Edit Offer Settings button to see your seller's profile.

Edit offer settings

This will open your profile page in edit mode. For your convenience, it looks almost identical to what your buyers see.

Set prices and filters

Set the prices and parameters of your offer, as well as other options related to the order form:

Prices and filters

Price per click - minimum and maximum price per click. Udimi will automatically adjust your price based on how many orders are currently booked on your calendar. Thus, you will have a minimum price when you have no orders and a maximum price when you have an excess number of orders.

Order quantity – the minimum and maximum order size you want to accept for one order. Buyers will be able to select any number of visitors only from the range you specify.

Daily max – the total number of visitors you want to sell per day.

Order urgency – urgently start new orders. We recommend setting it to 24+ hours. Thus, you will have enough time to review the ad text and the website of the buyer and discuss possible problems before accepting the order.

For example: If today is January 1st and you set "5 days", the next date your customers can place an order is January 6th.

This setting also affects when you should view a new order. The maximum time to accept/reject a new solo ad is 24 hours. But if the Order urgency is less than 24 hours, you will have less time to review the order.

Maximum orders – the number of orders you can take per day.

Lock weekdays – if you don't send mail on certain days (Sundays for example), lock those days so customers can not select them for mailing.

Out-of-service hours – time of day when you cannot accept new orders. Only available if the urgency is less than 12 hours.

Filter prices – you can charge extra for some Udimi filters or turn them off on your order page. For example, if you do not sell ‘Only mobile’ traffic, set it to ‘Not available’ and this filter will be locked on your order form.

All changes are saved automatically.

Tell us about your business

Tell about your business

Tell us about yourself, and your business, and describe your traffic. Upload images and add tags.

A detailed description will increase your exposure in the seller search section for buyers who search by keyword. Sellers with good descriptions are more likely to get sales.

Fill out the FAQ section

Clients often ask the same questions. To save your and their time, we have created a simple tool to add all answers and questions directly to the page of your order.

FAQ section

Set up automatic messages

Return to Settings > Seller Setup and set up automatic messages that will be sent after you accept a new order and complete its delivery.

Automatic messages

To personalize messages, put tags in the text. The %%NAME%% tag will be replaced by the first word of the recipient’s name, and the %%FULLNAME%% tag can be used for the full name of the recipient.

Activate the following options to automatically accept orders from certain types of buyers.

Automatically accept orders

Affiliate Program

We have an army of affiliates promoting our sellers. This means that OUR affiliates are promoting YOU. 

If you received an order thanks to one of our affiliates, you will see their name right on the ‘New Order’ screen. Udimi will transfer 15% of the order amount to the affiliate. The percentage depends on how active a particular affiliate is and is automatically determined by Udimi.

The affiliate program cannot be disabled to ensure payment stability for all of our affiliates. All affiliate payments are automatic, you do not have to worry about it. You can see all payments to all affiliates on all solos in the Money section.

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