How to buy solo ad

How to buy 

Go to Find Sellers and the filters to find the seller that suits you best.

Meaning of each button:

  • Visitors. Minimum quantity of clicks your seller should be able to deliver
  • Ratings. Minimal number of positive ratings a seller must possess.
  • Got sales. Percentage of orders in which the seller generated sales for customers. The percentage only reflects the last 100 orders.
  • Max price. The maximum price you are willing to pay for a visitor who passes all Udimi filters.
  • Traffic from. Shows where most of the clicks come from. Determined based on recent actual statistics collected by the Udimi click filter on the last 30 delivered orders.
  • Repeat orders. Percentage of repeat orders from customers.


You can also use selectors at the top of the search box to switch between tabs.

  • By filters. Default search with your criterias
  • By keywords. Use this tab to search by keyword. For example, the name of the seller or the text in the profile description
  • My favorites. This tab will show sellers you've added to your favorite list. Add sellers you like to favorites by clicking heart icon on their avatars. 
  • Saved search slots. These slots appear only when you save a filter set via Save search button

Pick a seller

Everything is quite simple here: seller's name, short bio, cost per visitor, percentage of Got Sales ratings, and the number of positive/negative ratings from all the solos this person has sold on Udimi. Select any seller and click on the box.

Seller bio

Review seller’s profile

Here you will see a brief description, such as the rating of the seller and when he was last online.

Seller profile

Click on a name to send a message to the seller, add the person to your favorites or friends list, or report spam

Menu options

Check average stats

Under the order form and the seller's detailed description, you will see the average traffic geostatistics from the last 30 solos of this seller.

Traffic geography

Read ratings from buyers 
(most important) 

All the ratings you see here are only for Udimi solo and negative ratings are not removed.


Positive ratings on Udimi are divided into 3 types: 

1. Positive and the buyer got sales

Got sales

2. Only positive / free site / buyer does not track sales

Not available sales

3. Positive, but the buyer did not receive sales

Positive no sales

Under the review, you can even see the delivery statistics of the order.

Delivery stats

Place an order 

When you are ready to purchase, go to the order form.

Place the order

Use the slider to select the number of visitors you want to order. The maximum number of visitors depends on the seller's settings and the availability of clicks on the selected date. In the upper right corner, you can select the date of the mailing.

Select filters

Under the clicks slider, you can select traffic filters that will additionally apply to your solo.

If some filter is inactive, it is disabled by the seller and cannot be used to order from him.

Select filters

Only mobile - you will only receive traffic from mobile phone and tablet users. The price of the filter is set by the seller.

Only top tier - you will only get traffic from the richest countries. The price of the filter is set by the seller. We suggest taking a look at the average percentage of top-tier traffic this seller has. This can be seen on the traffic geography map on the seller profile.

No mobile - you will only get desktop traffic, including laptops. The price of the filter is set by the seller.

Prime filter - an optional feature that costs 3¢ per visitor. It will save you more money and we recommend that you enable it, but it is up to you. About the Udimi prime filter.

Put in your link or swipe

Okay, now enter your link in the text field, or select one of the previously used links.

Link field

Define timing

Tap on the date calendar to select a date.

If the timing of the solo is not very important to you, then proceed in order.

Select date

If you want delivery to start as soon as possible after the seller receives the order, leave a checkmark.

To start delivery exactly on the selected date, uncheck the box.


Now you are ready to place an order. Below you can see your order.

Add to cart

Click ‘Add to Cart’ and you will see your cart with your order inside. If you want to buy multiple solos at once, go back to Find Sellers and add all solos to your cart. When you are done adding your solos to your cart, simply pay for all solos in one payment.

The cart button is always visible in the top menu.

Shopping cart

Choose a payment method and complete your order.

Good luck!

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