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I have recently transferred my solo account from safe swaps and have completed my first solo for a client on udimi. I expected to be able to withdraw my funds immediately as I would on safe swaps but have told I cant withdraw anything for 1 month. Has anyone else tried to withdraw money and been told this ?

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I am still waiting for my funds to be transferred to Udimi. I have been with Safe-Swap over a year with a + rating and designated as one of 10 top buyers of Solo Ads, but it doesn't seem to matter. I am frustrated.

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Hey everyone. It's my third day here,still trying to figure out how this all works.I integrated my Get Response with Safe Swap do i have to do the same for Udimi and if so how do i begin to do so?. Thanks everyone. Nivard.

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Can I do it as well? I've finish sending my first solo and also got the 1 month waiting time.

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this is a way to protect our buyers from scams, it works the same both on SS and on Udimi.

Scam won't be able to quickly send useless traffic and run with the money.

This limit is lifted forever for any seller, who reached 10+ positive ratings and is a member for 30 days.

I can see that you have 52 positives at SS, so be sure to send support ticket for ratings transfer to Udimi and your limit will be lifted automatically.

Best, Uncle Dimitry.