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Hello Fellow members. I want to advertise a client's free ecourse which is here and her ebook, sold here Is there any seller with a list to fit the meditation - happiness - personal development niche? Thank you

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Hi Stella,

I'm a affiliate marketer and new to udimi. My niche is personal development, spirituality, new age, and alternative belief. I'm looking to buy clicks that will convert. The offer I'm promoting is an free numerology video report and wondering if you can help me out with that?

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Hi Stella, how are you doing?

I'm new to Udimi platform, surfing around the forum and stumbled upon your enquiring post....

Just a quick background.. I'm in the personal development (PD), with a strong growing list in this niche. If I could be of help to you, feel free to connect with me for a chat...

If there is a good fit between us I'm glad to help..

Cheers and thanks!

Alex Ooi