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Hello there,

My website is launching in 3 weeks. It's a FREE membership website that offers discounts on tools, software and other IM/MMO stuff.

On the main page will be a list of Solo Ad providers (linking to the Udimi page if they have one) On top of that, we'll have a top 10 list.

To be on the list of Solo Ad providers, all you will have to do is send 100 clicks to the FREE registration page during Launch week.

It make it onto the 10 ten list depends on how many clicks you're willing to send. It's kinda like an Auction, it will guarantee you your place for the first 6 months.

Here's the cool thing. We have a VIP affiliate program where we give commission on any purchase. 35% on up to 150 product promotions a year.

You'll get that for any signups. AND on to the Solo Ad list on the main page

And finally, we'll send 100 clicks to your squeeze page for every 100 members you send us.

Anyone interested let me know