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Need some help. I just started selling and got my first buyer. He sent in his link and then later on he messages me and says he sent me the wrong link.

I told him to send his new link to me but now I have NO idea how to change it out.

How do I get the new link to go through Udimi's tracker?

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change link in solo ad order

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Thanks Larry

Thanks Dennis.

I've messaged buyer with instructions. If all else fails I'll just cancel the order and have him reorder with proper link.

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Tell your buyer:

"Go to your Udimi solos tab, it will give you an option to edit it. In your swipe, change from old URL to the new URL. The seller will have the option to accept or reject the new swipe."

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You should have him change his link in the swipe he supplied. if you click on his old tracking link does it go to the same place as the link he supplied? if all else fails you can cancel and tell him to fix his link and rebuy.