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Entrepreneur and marketing
Larry Nunn
From United States.
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- High Quality 100% T1 Traffic buyers included 90% T1 Minimum - Only Accept Biz opp, MMO, Lead Gen with email capture page no direct linking - US, AU NZ, CA and UK - Mobile and Desktop Accepted - 10% OD - Satisfaction Guaranteed - Generating leads from Google PPC and Bing PPC I only accept email lead capture page only, no phone numbers any other pages your order will be rejected. I always test your email capture page before accepting your order. I'm generating high quality clicks from Google Ads, media buys, Microsoft Ads and solo ads. Not recycled leads you get from other sellers. I assure you i will provide you with the best quality leads, however i cannot guarantee sales or optins. By Accepting Solo With me You Must Agree to the following: ============================================= 1) its important to Message me first as i can review your offer to see if its a good fit for my list BEFORE You Proceed with your order, as your offer maybe reject if i feel that its not a good fit. 2) It's Important to note that once you place order i cannot stop order, so its up to you to you have the correct landing page. It is your responsibility to have correct landing pages and offers, Change during run will not be accepted! 4) I Cannot guarantee leads, or sign ups or sales different offers work with different pages, i will not issue refunds if your offer performs badly as costs go toward buying freshest possible leads, by placing order you must agree to this. 5) I Do not accept CBD Oil MLM Offers, Double optin offers and Direct Linking Offers or direct pages these don't work well with my list 6) Due to time differences and other commitments i will accept your order within 24hrs of receiving it, and will not be able to respond to questions immediately 7) Capture page is required on all orders. I Do not accept offers such as CPA/AFFILIATE OFFERS without an email optin page first 8) We are not accepting no mobile offers at this time
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Blaine Booker
Blaine Booker
17 Aug 2015
Great solo Larry, lot's of optins!
Udimi stats: Delivered 27 out of 25 visitors (+8%)