For those that use ClickMagick - Bug Report
For those that use ClickMagick - Bug Report
William McRea
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I have been trying like mad to catch up with my orders. But they keep backing up on me.... I manage my orders with clickmagick. I use their rotator and if you click on the GEER button and select COPY URL it gives you the WRONG URL... Example Is what you get.... Just an example is what you should actually get...

So Ive been mailing like crazy trying to catch up on orders and the traffic is headed NOWHERE... I have fixed the problem NOW...but I wanted to let my customer know SORRY for the delay and to let other people know about the issue. I have filed a support request with Clickmagick and I am waiting for a respond. I do use a iMac and Firefox.... that could be the problem.

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Posted 11 Apr 2016 at 15:07
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