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I want it to be known, I have a huge marketing budget. I am not in the business to buy garbage. If I run a campaign with you and I get good results, you will have no need for any other buyers point blank! I fully understand the power of compounding when marketing. If I get garbage results I will quickly move on until I find someone with real traffic. I don't make a profit sending my ads to robots. I am very excited about getting good results and getting lots and lots of paid traffic.

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Unfortunately, it's very difficult to get good results and to filter who the good sellers are. For me it would be useful if buyers will comment more on their actual results. It seems that most buyers are just commenting on the fact that they got an over delivery...

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Hi Clint. You placed this post because you expect a response from a seller.

Some buyers look for subscribers while others look for results.

I deliver results! If your buyers are mainly from Tier 1, I strongly suggest using the Tier 1 filter. It seems obvious but some do ignore this advice for reasons of their own.

You can try out my list anytime!

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As a buyer I totally agree with you! It seems that lately, anyone can be a seller here. will get a response from a seller here that claims he has targeted traffic in every niche that you can think of. Clint, you have been warned. Do your do diligence!