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I try to test every offer before I accept an order...

This means I literally optin to your forms to make sure the offer redirects to something appropriate...I mean a thank you page...

You would be amazed how many times I don't accept an order or I cancel it because the thank you page is blank or redirects to something that is so stupid it will never convert and then you are going to judge my service based on a hopeless offer.

I highly recommend you optin into your own landing pages and make sure

1. You are redirect to the landing page you want

2. Your email service automatically sends you a message introducing yourself.

If you are frustrated and not getting results please make sure you have done everything to make SURE your systems are set up properly.

Someone complained to me they did not get any optins ....Sure enough they did not have a thank you page that was any good....and they had NO follow up emails...not even a welcome message.... WHY they did not even connect their autoreponder the web page.

Sorry don't complain and request refunds from people when you have not even tested your own landing pages. It does cost money for people to email. A LOT actually. I bet most sellers don't even know their own cost per click. Here is my a buyer if you don't do your job and then you threaten people to get a refund...That's not fair... Sellers of traffic lose money when you don't take responsibility for your own mistakes.

I make these post because I want everyone to have success.

Best of Luck


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Hey Bill do you refund buyers when he asks for a refund from you ?