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I'm looking to get a message in front of people who are active in a network marketing business. I would also be looking to get phone numbers on the opt in. Does anybody have a good list for this?

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If you create a capture page with a video of yourself talking to your prospects, that give them a irresistible free offer if they fill out the form, you should get a # here or there, but they will be the few serious prospects you will want to sell, recruit or deal with, and they will at least know who you are before they give you their #. I use a set of tools that make it easy to create eye catching capture pages. I just used one of mine on a solo run and got 30% opt in rate and 2 sales. I know it's not the highest opt in rate but, it was the first one I ever created for a solo, and I was concerned about getting any opt ins, so I was really happy to get that and 2 sales (bonus)!

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I would suggest to create a simple optin page asking just for an email, filter and warm up subscribers with a proper followup and ask for a phone number only after a certain amount of followups to qualified subscribers only.

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Personally, I don't or wont give my phone number on an opt-in page. The last thing I need while I am working all day is my phone and text blowing up with offers. Just my opinion. I get over 300 spam emails a day, not my choice, Google filters just about ANY email that says money, cash, offer, discount, join etc. I have no filters set. Email makes marketing easy, but it's harder than ever to get to the buyer. I have a 3000 member list, verified, when I send out a broadcast, I get about a 3% open rate, It's a shame.

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yes...can help you...make sure you pages has that optoi

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Hey Doug, Just create a capture page with an opt in that requires a phone #, although It might be tougher to get a good opt in ratio.