Forum Solo ads having trouble with Udimi - how do I enter a support ticket?

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My money is stuck in escrow limbo

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Ian Garcia
Ian Garcia on 15 Aug 2014 at 08:55

My money is stuck in escrow limbo


Hi Ian, My name is Manuel and I too have money that is also stuck in escrow limbo. WHY? Because you have to have 10 positive rating and solo has to be finished before 35 days. Now THE PROBLEM IS... if people don't feel like rating your solo and even if the solo was delivered with-in the 35 days..... if you don't have 10 rating... your money is stuck in the escrow account. I placed a ticket asking to penalize those who don't rate there solos. If they don't rate... Even if you have sold 100 solos.... You don't get paid until you get 10 positive reviews.- Manny

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Please create a support ticket in your help section.