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I know people order no mobile traffic and that's fine I am happy to help out. But I was just going through my stats and wanted to share. iPad's and other tablets are considered MOBILE... About 50% of all emails are read on mobile devises and about 75% of those are read on iPad type devices not phones. I know I use my iPad Pro to read all my email.

I am not sure if Udimi includes tablets as mobile, maybe they can clarify.

So I did my own test to my own webform. I drove desktop to one form, and mobile to another. The results we very similar.

A few years ago Mobile meant cell phone, now it really means both tablets.... For sure a lot of people still use their smart phones, but honestly I see not difference when it comes to mobile and desktop traffic.

Just wanted to share.

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I am motivated to pick "no mobile" for my campaigns partly because of my own behavior with my smart phone.

I never sign up for anything or buy anything on my smart phone.

(I do not own a tablet)

If I see an email on my smart phone that interests me, the only way I'll do anything about it is if I remember to look at it later on my laptop (which I may or may not remember to do that).

There MUST be some percentage of people out there like me. :-)

When I am presenting a business/money-making opportunity I don't really want to talk to someone who is on there phone. :-)

Tablets are another matter. My wife ONLY checks her emails on a tablet!

She does not own a smart phone.

Too bad there isn't a way to separate between tablets and phones.

It is the phones that I am trying to avoid.

Jon Davis Jr -

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I noticed in the tracking stats of a recent campaign I did with an optin page that worked for both desktop and mobile devices, that about 50% of the traffic was using a mobile device to view my optin page. I was surprised at how many of my visitors were using their mobile (and tablet?) devices. So I would definitely include mobile traffic in future campaigns and create optin pages and landing pages accordingly.

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I get more request for no mobile then mobile only....I think buyers should not be concerned about this any more. I do what people want, but there is no advantage one way or another

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Theres more CPA sales coming from mobile (tablets) traffic as opposed to desktop, in my opinion.

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I've stopped offering mobile only, the additional payment doesn't cover the cost and with the percentage of filtered clicks increasing again it's too much of a head ache.