Forum Solo ads I have a tricky link to promote

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Basically it is a done for you marketing system it is similar to MOBE and DA but a heck of a lot better and safer. But it pays INSTANT commissions straight to you BTC wallet up to 15k. But its not orientated around crypto as its sole purpose. BTC is the payment method. But obviously pitching this on a normal MMO or MLM list would mean few people may not have a BTC wallet.

So who can help me out here?

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Will be tough like Michael said until BTC is more common in houses. If you really wanted to try, 100% USA would be the way to go!

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Hi Damian. I see what you are saying about it being tricky to promote. I think until BTC becomes a household thing like the internet, it's going to be tough to get your offer in front of a list made up of ''only' those in the crypto space. Let me know if I can help get your offer in front of new people. I provide nearly 100% USA traffic.