Email swipe that turn your lead into Buyers

Email swipe that turn your lead into Buyers
Evi Young
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The method is very Effective when it comes to Selling.
This method is very simple and veryeffective and you can write it very quickly.

What you do is, whenever you write emails to promote affiliate products, borrow the copy from whatever thing that you are promoting at the time, Utilize the headline, copy the headline and rework the headline into a powerful subject line.

When you borrow the copy to write email body, you will like to take the most important sentences and points that really stand out and condense the copy into your email format to stay congruent and consistent, and also keep the message simple, clear and close to the original message as possible.

Last but not least is to add call to action and provide your link. Cheers.

Posted 21 Sep 2018 at 03:02
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