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I am looking for a person I habe done for u funnels by Michael Chaney as well as done for u funnels from affiliate Academics they sell Jvzoo digital marketing products I have been approved to sell many of the Jvzoo producta just need good traffic thats will help me make money online finally also I am with the 25 dollar 1up as well with funnels done for me if I are a seller who knows what I am doing and are able to get me traffic I would like to chat with u! I thank u!!

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Hi Kenny.

I'd be happy to help you. I have sent traffic to 25 dollar 1up program as well.

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well thank u for replying I have asked for 150 visitors I see it is starting soon and will post the updates here for all to see because udimi has not let me down thank u

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Hi Kenny. I can help you with this. I just sent you a message. Cheers..