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Hi Guys & Uncle Udimi ... I'm thinking how easy if the seller has a monthly activity view, or it can be selected month by month ... similar to the small Seller/Buyer Stats window on the Main Page, but if we can select date (or at least make it Monthly) and if it can include clicks, revenue, fees ...

so seller can always see the overall performance; stats, clicks, revenue, fees extra and also if this can be reflected in "MONEY" section where a month by month stats view can be selected with the above selections with auto totals and summaries. this can apply to buyer stats view with spent totals.


See attach

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good idea, will add to production queue

Best, Uncle Dimitry.

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Like that idea as well. +1

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I think both Mark's and James' suggestions would make a good Udimi upgrade.

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@ Uncle Dimitry , What /do you think of my suggestions ?

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Good idea. I also think the list of sellers on the Home button should be moved above the stats so that they get more exposure. Stats just distract people from buying and selling solos, though they are interesting they mostly just consume time that buyers could be spending looking at sellers profiles and deciding on purchases. More sales and buys would happen for Udimi and everyone.

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Good idea +1

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Would be cool. +1

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Interesting feature, thumb up for me