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Hi All,

we've added Crypto niche in the Seller Setup

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I don't really know if Solo Ad Vendors build list's
just to cater for the Crypto niche or any other specific niche
that might come to mind.

I find some Niche's to specific and not enough search
volume to build a list for if your a Solo Ad Seller, just saying.

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I think its just like any other niche. Some people can figure out how to earn money from it, some can't.

The freedom of having full control of your own money and owning your own coins really is nicer than having a middle man bank that looks at every thing you do.

You know within a couple years Bank of America will add coins to their platform, Chase will add coins, every bank in the USA will add coins soon very likely, their own first, then bridges to real crypto coins.

And you know a Paypal coin is in the works :)

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A lot of biz op leads don’t know, don’t trust or don’t understand crypto....

I don’t blame them. They may sign up because they are curious, but I really don’t think there are any real crypto offers that are more then recruitment schemes.... I’m sure people will argue with me but I am pretty happy having my balance sheet in dollars lol

Hopefully people will have better results with crypto only list.


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Let's see how it goes. MMO is much broader niche than earn on crypto

Best, Uncle Dimitry.

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How would this market be defined? Because I get people buying in the MMO section with an introduction course to crypto, would my list in that sense fit crypto then? There is a big overlap between crypto and MMO.