Forum Solo ads December 2019 Changelog

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* Changed Promoted status concept. The feature received more advantages for sellers.

* Added Extras sections to the top menu. Updated design of Extras order form. Sellers can upload images for their Extras.

* Updated design and logic of solo ad order form.

* Added "Out of service" feature for sellers to extend new orders expiry time.

* Emails sent to buyers and private message email notifications were extended with blocks: solo deals, a reminder to rate recent orders, a reminder of unread messages.

* Added the Help tab with instructions for buyers to the New order page.

* Now sellers can set custom prices for basic traffic filters.

* The money from refunded orders can be used for buying Solo Deals and Promoted status.

* Updated automated tags to set name and full name of a user in automated messages.

* Added notification to friends when a seller buys solo deal or bump.

* Increased testimonial text size.

* Added a link to all previous orders of the buyer to he Hint row in New order form.

* "Finished and rated solos" section now displays orders posted by you for the other party.

* Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Mobile website and Android app

* Added support of Extras (selling ad texts and landing page design).

* Added functionality to send link charge requests.

* Performance and design improvements.