Who To Trust
Who To Trust
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I got an email about not ordering anything in the last 30 days. I use SoManyHits.com to track the traffic to the sites. The people I bought from were registering that I was getting all of this traffic, and I was not. One even was running the wrong ad, and said he would run the right at at no cost to me, claimed he did, but did not. I just don't know who to trust to buy from anymore. I'm already new at this, but I don't feel learning should cost me this much.

Any ideas? I'm listening.

Posted 26 Jun 2020 at 02:14
Adam B.
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There are a few tips for you.

To buy targeted traffic, you can go to the %search% section.

You can search for vendors by niche name and filter them by sales received from their traffic and reported by their buyers.

Carefully check the ratings given by previous traffic buyers and find the best sellers. Feel free to contact the vendors directly in the %messages% section if you still have any questions.

Note that in the %solo-deals% section you can find special offers from sellers that can be cheaper than their original price.

There is a lot of useful information in the %help% section on the website.

Posted 26 Jun 2020 at 12:47
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