July 2020 Changelog
July 2020 Changelog
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* Updated Help section structure and articles.

* Added an option tip sellers.

* Increased TransferWise maximum withdrawal amount.

* Added more options to Privacy settings.

* Added option to save notes about the seller.

* Improved Prime purchase thank you page.

* Fixes to Friends section.

* Added recently used emoticons section to the chat.

* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Mobile website and Android app

* App linking improved.

* Profile screen UI updated.

* Extras added to order form.

* Extras details page added.

* Extras ratings added.

* Added ability to get profit from sharing sellers profile.

* Added the ability to Prime subscription.

* Forum post screen updated.

* Sellers search improved.

* User profile screen updated.

* Newsletters screen updated.

* Extras info screen updated.

* Profile cards screen added.

* Unsubscribe option added to Newsletter screen.

* Performance improvements.

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