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Hi guys, i done one solo ads from one seller..

As i were analyzing the traffic.. i got 100% T1 US Traffic.. however if you look at the "Time" of each individual clicks.. every 1-4 minutes a click is clicked.

Does this looks fake?

Please share your opinion.

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Hi Rick Ling, thanks for replying.

Many had claim UDIMI Tracking link are "broken" or even "Not tracking", thus Not reliable as before.. **just read over some posting on the site**

Also, for this, my salesfunnel are working for me for other 2 solo ads.. except for this.. I got 41% optin rate which is Great... today is day 4... 5 unsubscribe and 0 sales till date.. for this particular solos.. i Have upsell & downsales.. and with 8 follow up msgs...

In the follow up msgs,.. #2 #3 open rate is 0%... None of them opened while I've set every mail is send out 1 day after the previous...

I also heard of people using private server to "play" around with IP Address making it "seems legit"... not sure its true or anot..

I'm still testing... I've checked other solos with Huge list... the Time aren't so "Timely 1-4min" which worries me.. felt like bots..

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Hello I looked at your traffic report and first I am guessing that cause the tracker here says its ok traffic then should be and on my observation looks ok too the times are random IPs as far as I can see what you put in the screenshot.. If were fake pretty sure UDIMIs tracker would have picked it up as here there will always be too many clicks filtered out not less.... My question would be on optins how many did you get or sales if any but main indicator is did you get over 30% conversion if so should be alright... Hope this helped. Rick Ling

On speed of clicks showing the time of 1-4mins is normal as some delivery quicker even especially if list size is up there and/or traffic is very responsive as well even if a little size list...