Forum Solo ads February 2021 Changelog

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* Updated design of the "Ad text writers" and "Custom landing pages" directories.

Added sorting by favorite.

Removed an option to buy Extra servicesĀ from the order form. Added an option to buy extras separately from the solo ad.

If a vendor offers a discount when the extra services are purchased with traffic, the buyer will see an offer to buy traffic and get the extra services for a cheaper price below the extra service order page.

* Miscellaneous UX improvements.

Mobile website and Android app

* Added a forgot password form.

* Start screen updated.

* Login screen updated.

* Sign up screen updated.

* Authorization UX updated.

* User menu UI improved.

* Order graph animation improved.

* Order info screen update.

* Order screen UI fixed.

* Info message animation fixed.

* Freebie items added to My Orders screen.

* Freebie item added to Order details screen.

* Info text on Affiliates screen updated.

* Rating flow for order updated.

*Ā Price format issue fixed.

* Performance improvements.