Forum Solo ads March 2021 Changelog

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* Updated design of the Extras section. Added top menu to create/modify listings. Updated UI for listing editing.

* Added the "Affiliates" page for logged out users.

* Updated anti-manipulation policy for customer reviews.

* UX/UI improvements.

Mobile website

* Order form updated.

* Added shared solo ad stats.

* More Udimi pages are available from mobile.

* Switching between mobile and desktop Udimi can be performed using the menu buttons (on small screens only).

Android app

* Freebie items added on Solo Deal screen.

* Info messages updated.

* Hint added for canceled order notification.

* App linking improved.

* Profile screen UI updated.

* Not started solo screen UI updated.

* Order click log UI updated.

* Forgot/restore password options added.

* Auth screens UI updated

* Bugs fixed.