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"New "Buyers have no idea how Solo Ads work and it's getting worse,

Currently, I have 2 orders, 1 customer ordered "keto diet" on my Clearly announced make money online list. Casual store without "opt-in" field in sight for miles.

Happened before many times.

2nd customer just casually posted a signup referral for the funnel build site and probably expects he will just instantly earn 50 $. Personally, I don't mind direct linking, but I do mind bad rating and they don't even realize it's their fault and demand a refund.

I mean I know how this all works they see a video or some kind of media somewhere promoting Udimi as go to get solid traffic, where the only thing that matters to the promoter is the affiliate payment.

Is there really no way to fix that, maybe a little course before they buy first order or something in that sense ?

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Yep, I had the same issue and I had to explain how affiliate marketing works, why they need to collect the leads, why it's important to follow up with the subscribers, etc... Maybe we need to put up a free training.

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+1, that's getting very annoying