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Everyone says ohhh that is such a great solo . Over delivery bla bla bla. Can anyone explain to me why was the solo so great? Did you get any sales? Did you get 60%optin rate? What was that great? Im referring to IM and Make money online!! It looks to me some sellers sell but with no results so why buy from them? They don guarantee any sales or any optins , but still advertise as beeing the best solo provider ever? How does that work? Thanks

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Hey Alex.... This is my opinion only and one thing nothing is guaranteed except click delivery and quality, next if happens is the question but sales, optins is not the sellers responsibility only to send good quality clicks.. Sales that's even less than the optins totally random if someone tells you they guarantee sales then that is not true at all.... You buy from a seller to test if they dont give you what you want then try another its test test and more.. costs money to test and if wasted also part of it... Bottomline is no seller can guarantee sales nor optins, period up to buyer to provide a converting squeeze and offer then OTO or whichever path they are going down... I say with optin should get at least 30% if more is a bonus.. If less but UDIMI tracking says clicks are good and delivered then could be another reason why... IMO.. Rick Ling