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How do I start to make money plz need help

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Hi Mark - Saw your note in the forum. Are you getting the hang of it?


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Udimi is basically a catalyst for getting high quality leads or sales. To be precise!
Best way to utilise udimi is to find for a high ticket offer, get an affiliate link for it and promote the high ticket offer via solo ads on udimi.
You can sign up for high ticket offers on digistore24, clickbank, adcreative.ai, etc. Get your affiliate link and promote via udimi.
Suggest you also get an email autoresponder to collect email options so that you can target those leads effectively.
I have been doing this for years now.
Helped me to have a secondary source of income from online businesses.
You could do the same too!

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Mark Genova
Mark Genova on 2 Jul 2022 at 22:39

How do I start to make money plz need help


Hello, Mark,

Udimi doesn't offer you earning money directly. Udimi is a safe place where you can buy or sell advertising. Here you will easily find other online marketers in your niche with thousands of subscribers. So, If you have any products, services, or something you need to promote online, you can buy traffic from here.

Udimi is all about online marketing. If you have not been into this industry, I suggest investing more time doing a good research on the internet on how it works. This process may not be simple for beginners, but with enough experience. 

Thank you.

Shakil | Customer Support Specialist