Why should I choose udimi?

Why should I choose udimi?
Marcus Whalley
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Hi, This is not to get a definitive answer am just curious of peoples opinions, i.e. over say myleadgensecret or traffic authority etc. I have used all and have various opinions some work better than others, I do like udimi and have used a number of vendors with various types of success but it was more of a case should you use multiple sources or alternate etc I mainly promote clickbank products but as any marketer want to use my money/profit wisely. Thanks in advance and look forward to opinion Marcus

Posted 18 Sep 2022 at 17:03
Bianca Hope
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Marcus can you please text me your funnel links, Id like to have a look. I can also advise you on your email follow up etc and do some troubleshooting of how everything is flowing.

Posted 23 Sep 2022 at 20:55
Ryan Jacobson
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I haven't tried traffic authority but myleadgensecret is solid as I've made sales there promoting ebusiness clickbank offers.

Posted 5 Oct 2022 at 20:08
Uncle Dimitry
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On platforms, like Google or Facebook, you never know who provides you the traffic. In no way you can connect with the website owner who you will be getting traffic from.

On Udimi you can directly speak to the person who will provide advertising services to you. You will always get a quick response and friendly advice about your landing page or ad text to maximize results and profit.

In addition, you have absolutely no control over fraud traffic filtering. They just bill you for clicks, even if that’s clearly bot traffic. This will never happen on Udimi: we control every click you get, filter it and show to you with detailed information.

Best regards, Uncle Dimitry.
Posted 9 Oct 2022 at 11:31
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