Forum Solo ads Ridiculous bug of the platform (Useless clicks for T1 orders)

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I noticed an illogical bug in the Udimi platform; buyers can benefit in this way illegally.


Customer ordered T1 clicks, you as a seller sending traffic to this offer (all traffic, because you are not using any rotators (that's illegal for Udimi sellers) and sending worldwide traffic.

As a seller, you set up a "Returned filtered URL" for all non-T1 traffic to another offer/website.

In the end, all NON T1 traffic from the Solo ad run was calculated as "Useless" AND you UDIMI decided that traffic quality was bad due to too many filtered clicks and provided a refund to the traffic buyer.

That's a fatal logic error from Udimi's and the seller's sides.

So that means that we MUST use rotators for Solo ad runs and brake the Udimi rules if we want to avoid NON-T1 clicks and we cannot use UDIMI as a traffic filter.