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I've run several solo ads in the past month and I've noticed dozens of email signups, from multiple solo ad sellers, using email addresses with the domain.

Does anybody know anything about this? It seems suspicious for a few reasons:

- The domain has no website

- It was apparently registered last August

- There's nothing about it on Google

But the real kicker was when I checked the behavior of these signups.

I have a 30-day autoresponder set up. And these specmail signups all open incoming emails at exactly the same time (not when the emails are sent out, but some time after). This has been true for the half dozen or so subscribers I've checked — all opening the exact same email at the same time, down to the minute.

What's going on? Is this clearly bot traffic or some other kind of scam? Thanks for your help and input.


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This is fraud, send them to support and we will been them