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Hello! My name is Jonas and i am new to the affiliate marketing scene.

I've used the last month to watch courses and guides. There are some concepts that i still wish to learn about and therefore need some guidance. I've gotten to the point where i am building an Email list with people interested in the health niche. I've done this by creating a landing page / funnel directing to a product that is meant to improve buyers healh. My landing page has a 40% conversion rate, which means that i am getting leads fortunatly. I need someone to guide me about what i need to do with these new leads. The courses i've watched tells me that i should send follow up Emails which i've figured out is important so im already doing it, but i also see people talking about creating a realationship with the subscribers. If anyone has any knowledge about how to create good relations with the subscribers i would appriciate if someone took their time to explain it to me :)