Udimi vs Facebook sellers (Was scammed on FB!)

Udimi vs Facebook sellers (Was scammed on FB!)
Jay Patel
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Hi all,

Unfortunately I was scammed by a few Facebook sellers recently, who were sending me fraudulent traffic.

They were going into my autoresponder as real leads, but the company I was promoting said that they are all Gmail and all going in with the same "pattern" - so I've spent close to $1000 on fake leads from Facebook sellers.

I have come back to Udimi in hopes the traffic from solo sellers will be legitimate.

What filters do Udimi have in place to stop these seemingly real email addresses that sellers seem to be sending? Are they bots? How are these scammers doing this?

In summary, how do Udimi stop fake email addresses being sent as traffic?

Posted 20 Dec 2022 at 12:31
Uncle Dimitry
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This is no surprise that you were scammed on facebook as there is zero protection and scams can easily change accounts.

I'll be honest with you: bulletproof protection does not exist. As a real world example: the existence of police does not guarantee that you won't be robbed, but police will handle consequences and punish offenders.

The same way we do on Udimi. Here you have few options aimed to minimize the risk:

- the best possible filter which we constantly improving

- direct contact with your sellers via in-house messenger

- support that stands on buyer’s side and will always help to resolve issues

- ability to get easy refund in case of problems

- the most important: rating system where you can see real buyer ratings and can leave yours

I believe this makes Udimi the safest possible place to buy traffic online.

P.S.: If you have ideas on improvement of the system to make it even more risk-free, just let us know.

Thank you!

Best regards, Uncle Dimitry.
Posted 20 Dec 2022 at 14:53
Shanita Smith
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hi Jay im sorry you experienced that i was scammed too but i knew there was a possibility because the prices where too good to be true and my autoresponder said the same thing about the emails coming from one ip address and another seller sent a few and disappeared i wil be also confirming with my autoresponder on that. there are good solo ad providers on fb but it's best to search solo ad groups. those 2 ppl i choose them outside of that spectrum please i had success here.

Posted 20 Dec 2022 at 17:27
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