Hey sellers
Hey sellers
William McRea
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Question for everyone...Do you sell your products with your traffic?

Most buyers should ask this question. The fact is 90% of sellers here don't!

I sell several information products via Clickbank... I sell primarily to my subs... I am a platinum seller at Clickbank and have been a diamond seller for many years.

Why and how is your seller here?

Are they successful alone, or only make money by selling traffic they cannot convert otherwise?

are you buying because of prices...OR results.


I create and sell my own information products …I am not a poser
Posted 13 Mar at 19:01
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Great Questions.....i would to see them answer or defend their lists.

As a buyer, i want results and its impossible to know who the sellers are actually targeting. its a trust thing on the buyers side hoping they can make a profit

Posted 20 Mar at 16:15
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I have used a couple of different sellers to find that the results are mixed. one day will get me opt ins and the next does not.

Posted 26 Mar at 01:55
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