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I pasted a formatted text ad into the area provided on the form. but when I submitted it, the ad appeared as one large paragraph with no separation between paragraphs, no indents , no Bold areas etic. I asked the seller to re-format it and he said he would but no changes wee made. Basiclaly, the ad looked terrible. Is there any way of getting a formatted ad published?

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Jerry, If you are talking about how the text looked while on the UDIMI page, I wouldn't worry about it. Your solo provider is going to copy and paste it into his auto-responder server and will send out the formatted text there.

Frankly, I would suggest that many, if not most solo providers would prefer to just have your affiliate link to send out.

We all know our lists and what type of emails work best with them and in most instances you will probably get better results using our copy.

BEST PRACTICE; Ask your solo provider what they think will work best with their list.