Website + Funnels

Website + Funnels
John Addae
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May i know how possible it is to add a website to my funnels to boost traffic , like adding blogs to the website etc.


Posted 6 Oct 2023 at 00:25
Taylor Malkin
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I'm about to launch a big project that involves regularly producing starter blog sites and selling them on marketplaces like Flippa, Sedo, etc.

Having sold on marketplace,

I have found that their listing fees are too high and their selling price is too low, as most bidders are also sellers looking to flip sites.

My goal is now to target end-user clients, rather than sites flippers.

As an example,

An online coach who wants to generate organic traffic through a blog. A Shopify owner would be ideal as well.

Or any business (end user) that can't do SEO blogging but wants organic traffic.

There will be a little bit of uniqueness in the starter blog sites that I will create.

Since my offer includes more than just building the blog,

I will also maintain it. As a result, the clients are provided with monthly reports on their traffic.

It is a performance-based fee structure, although there is still a low maintenance fee.

It's like 100% outsourced.

I am interested in trying solo ads if they are ideal. Then I hope I can order every week on a regular basis.

Posted 12 Oct 2023 at 07:05
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