Forum Want to buy solo ads I want to buy US leads for make money any one with good list can contact

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please only contact if you have fresh list not death emails thanks


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Hi Globex

I have a very large list. Hundreds of new subscribers daily. This list is very fresh and they never see the same offer twice.

My normal traffic is about 95% US based, but I also have 100% USA traffic which you can order within UDIMI for a small upcharge Just click the check box for USA-only traffic when placing your order.

As with all solo ads, the focus should be on getting people to opt into your list. Once there if you have a good follow-up email series you should see sales. Just remember if you are using a company email series be careful to go in and rewrite them in your own style. The unique personality and voice of your emails is what will help you make sales.

Also, be sure to segment and sort your subscribers, delete the non-engaged / non-openers or move them to another list and try promoting a different offer to them.

At any rate, I cannot guarantee sales or opt-in's, but I can tell you I personally make sales regularly from this traffic.

If you want to try my offer, just click on my picture and then click on the red "order" button,

Thanks for your consideration!


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Globex on 6 Jun 2023 at 05:24

please only contact if you have fresh list not death emails thanks


Hello Globex,

Thank you for writing your query in the Udimi Forum.

I believe the seller with the targeted lists will contact you asap.

You can also search the relevant sellers using the search by Keyword feature on theĀ Find SellersĀ page.

Here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial with a video about buying traffic on Udimi:Ā

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Udimi Support from theĀ HelpĀ page.

Shakil | Customer Support Specialist | Udimi