Newbie looking for solo ad assistance and vendor
Newbie looking for solo ad assistance and vendor
Matt Shapiro
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Hi, I'm Matt. I'm looking for a little assistance in setting up my first my first solo ad buy. After having a very tough time and wasting a ton of money trying to get traditional websites, ppc affiliate offers & Amazon, I'm starting to have some success in the bizop realm. I've been using traffic exchanges, whitelist/mailer sites and some Warrior+ traffic systems as well as Cliqly. I'm looking for a vendor who can help me decide on which offer/landing page/sales page combo to complement the solo ad campaign. I have two full funnels for well known DIY type programs as well as a couple funnels in process. I'm pretty much a noob and some of the experiences I've had make me wary of spending money. I'm kinda looking for someone who can guide me through my first time, please be gentle:) I look forward to all responses and feedback. Thank you

Matt "Shappy" Shapiro
Posted 25 Sep at 12:17
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