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Premium traffic. 100% T1 list. Fresh leads added daily. Works with Biz Opp, MMO, and Crypto offers. Buy clicks that convert! Order confidently Now!
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About me and my offer
I am an online traffic provider and have just expanded my business to include the UDIMI community. I am envisioning my relationship with the community as a long term one. Your success and having a large repeat business is very important to me and my reputation. I will provide the best responsive traffic on the web!! *** 100% TOP TIER TRAFFIC! *** (US, CA, UK. AUS, NZ Traffic ONLY!) *** I do NOT accept "Desktop Only / No Mobile" orders *** I will perform a full squeeze page/ funnel review reporting back to you any issues that I uncover and make suggestions to help improve the results that you are looking for... Of course if asked, I am available to help/advise you in multiple areas of your online business. I can even give you some free coaching on how you can scale your internet business. (Just PM me) I look forward to getting LOTS of leads to your offers resulting in multiple sales and to our long term success. Always On Your Side... Stephen Wallace
1. Do you accept "Desktop Only" traffic orders?
Sorry I don't accept "no mobile" (Desktop Only) orders.
2. How many subscribers do I add daily to my list?
I add 500-1000 subscribers a day and remove all those unresponsive leads to make sure I have the best Fresh and Engaged Subscribers/Leads on my list.
3. Do you send the email swipes/creatives or do I have to write one on my own?
I will write the swipe for you as I understand my list a lot better and my list responds extremely well to my emails.
4. What countries is your traffic coming from?
My traffic is 100% T1 traffic: US, CA, UK, AUS, NZ Only.  I do not have any T2 or T3 traffic because the leads from T2 or T3 countries tend not to buy.
5. How well will your traffic convert on my lead capture landing page?
Although the quality of your lead capture page is important, I have found on average my traffic converts between 15% - 50%.  I will review your entire funnel: Opt-In Page to offer and will make recommendations where I see fit.  This traffic does not convert well for Webinar sign-ups running between 5% - 15%.
6. Where do you get your leads from?
I get my leads from media buys mostly, so my leads are not the typical leads that are spammed every single day.
7. How long does it take for my order to start and finish?
Scheduling is a top priority and  ALL my UDIMI orders will be reviewed, accepted/rejected, and started within 24-36 hours.  Completion of the order is usually within 72 hours after I start sending traffic to your URL.
8. What type of offers converts well with your traffic?
My list loves to invest their money in "Make Money Online Products", Biz Opp offers, affiliate offers in the "Crypto, MMO or Biz Opp" Niches.
9. Can you email to your buyer's list?
When you order from me, your offer will be shown to my buyer filled list.  This list has proven to have buyers that have helped generate many sales.
10. Can I opt-in to your mailing list?
I'm afraid not. In the past buyers used my email to send to other traffic providers as an email swipe.  So I stopped allowing my traffic customers to opt-in to my mailing list.  I hope you understand.