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11 Years experienced list bulder and digital marketer. 100% top tier visitors for MMO, BizzOpp,Crypto and health niche. High possibility of sales
From Bangladesh.
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About me and my offer
Are you looking For Highly Converting Traffic? I am an expert on digital marketing. I have been doing affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing etc. actively for 11 years. I have built a large responsive list targeted for make money online offers. I have been working as a solo ad traffic vendor for a long period of time. My list is built with knowledge and experiment so I am able to deliver the best responsive traffic. I am not a newbie on udimi decided to sell solo ad suddenly who have no source and field experience. If you want to trust experience and knowledge you should give a try to my traffic. Even if you haven't made your mind to purchase from me yet you can feel free to text me for any information and suggestions for the betterment of your business. I will try to help you out from what I can.
Work From Home
Affiliate offers
Email traffic
Make Money onlin
Will I get high opt-ins?
Opt-in rate depends on your landing page and your offer. As nobody can control over people's activity I can't guarantee high opt-in rate.
Do you accept order with direct sale page?
Solo ad works better if you use a simple opt-in form at entrance. To get sales main task is proper follow up to convert subscribers to customers. I discourage using direct sale page.
What is the tier 1 percentage on your traffic?
I always provide 95%-100% T1 traffic.
What is the Tier 1 (T1) percentage of your list and from what countries?
I send traffic from over T1 95% + (US, CA, UK, NZ, AU) and I also have an option to order only T1 100% traffic.
Do you over-deliver? If so, how much?
Yes I always over-deliver 10% clicks on the total amount of the order. If you order 100 clicks, you will receive 110 clicks (10% clicks free).