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21 years in online marketing. Large engaged list, (over 90% T1.) Your offer never seen twice.- I deliver quality! 10% Over delivery. MMO, Biz Opp,
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My Email Traffic Converts! 95% tier 1 Traffic. Guaranteed! Expect High Optin Rates, High Engagement Rates and Quality Clicks Only, On Every Order.

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Harold Ladson
Great sales!
Udimi stats: Delivered 102 out of 100 visitors (+2%)
20 Feb 2020
Got sales
CC Products Unlimited
Great results again as far as subscribers go. Over 30% Opt in. Fast completion. I will definitely use Richard again.
Udimi stats: Delivered 565 out of 500 visitors (+13%)
14 Feb 2020
No sales
CC Products Unlimited
Richard gave us quality leads and we had over 30% opt in rate. He over delivered by 13%. I would highly recommend this seller.
Udimi stats: Delivered 170 out of 150 visitors (+13%)
12 Feb 2020
N/A sales
Greg Crowe
Richard over delivered like he said he would! I got about 30% opt-in rate, so I'm very happy with the results!! Will definitely use his service again!!
Udimi stats: Delivered 173 out of 150 visitors (+15%)
12 Feb 2020
No sales
Italia Or Linda Elze
Great solo..great delivery..thank you
Udimi stats: Delivered 114 out of 100 visitors (+14%)
7 Feb 2020
No sales
Gary Martinez
33% opt in rate...
Udimi stats: Delivered 115 out of 100 visitors (+15%)
4 Feb 2020
N/A sales
Frank Welch
Excellent.....Received over delivery....And help with ad.
Udimi stats: Delivered 144 out of 125 visitors (+15%)
3 Feb 2020
N/A sales
Ginger Button
I am very pleased with Mr. Richards promptness on completing my order. I am very impressed by his professionalism. I recommend his skills, integrity and work ethics to all. Thank you Sir for a job well done.
Udimi stats: Delivered 111 out of 100 visitors (+11%)
3 Feb 2020
N/A sales
Howard Martell
Great swap with lots of opt ins
Udimi stats: Delivered 150 out of 150 visitors
1 Feb 2020
Got sales