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High Quality solo Ads, Fresh and Responsive List IMMMO Niche. GRAB IT FAST, First Order will get High Top Tier Rate and OD.
Charles Taylor
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Scott Halley
Failed to deliver.
Udimi stats: Delivered 26 out of 75 visitors (-65%)
5 Jun 2016
Steve Parker
Good quality traffic, even if delivery target not quite met. I'll buy again in the future.
Udimi stats: Delivered 42 out of 50 visitors (-16%)
24 May 2016
No sales
Qhairul Asyran
Great solo.thanks
Udimi stats: Delivered 44 out of 50 visitors (-12%)
7 May 2016
No sales
Marcus C
Good over delivery... bout 35% opt in... not bad.
Udimi stats: Delivered 25 out of 50 visitors (-50%)
4 May 2016
N/A sales
Emily Poulou
Although slow on delivery , it was good at the end results.
Udimi stats: Delivered 35 out of 50 visitors (-30%)
18 Apr 2016
Got sales
Donald Gunner Zornes
Charles understand that you had computer problems. Thanks for the clicks you did.
Udimi stats: Delivered 52 out of 100 visitors (-48%)
31 Mar 2016
Got sales
Scott Halley
Bad solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 34 out of 100 visitors (-66%)
20 Mar 2016
Sandy Zalecki
Not a bad solo. I got some opt-ins. It was very slow and didn't deliver on time.
Udimi stats: Delivered 85 out of 100 visitors (-15%)
18 Mar 2016
No sales