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- ELITE Seller Joins UDIMI! Providing PREMIUM A+ TRAFFIC service since 2014, 6+ years experience | 95%+ T1, 10% OD, REAL BUYERS List, MMO, BizOpp, etc
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About me
⭐ Hey guys! I provide Elite Traffic since late 2013 (early 2014), that's 7+ years of experience and counting.. Recently started in Udimi, before used WarriorForum, FB etc. I know every bits that my list actually need. Came through all sorts of ups and downs in this journey, so I can guarantee you only PREMIUM A++ quality traffic and TOP NOTCH service for your business! During these years I keep building my list daily, my list is built with various private targeted Google Ads, FB Ads, PPC, private networks and only with Trusted Solo Ads providers. Only Positive Customer Reviews! STOP wasting your time somewhere else and start building your list with the RIGHT tools!

Converts perfectly with MMO, Biz Opp, Work From Home, CPA, WarriorPlus, Affiliate Marketing etc!

Here's what you'll get:

✅ 7+ Years Of Experience in Solo Ads Business!
✅ Highest Customer Service & Responsive Communication!
✅ 95%++ Tier 1!
✅ 10-15% Over Delivery!
✅ Buyers List Included, Targeted Leads & Real Human Traffic!
✅ Quick Delivery!
✅ 500+ Fresh New Leads Added Daily To My Own List
✅ Selling Premium A+ Quality Traffic Since 2013!

Feel free to ask any question, I will be happy to help, I don't bite! :)

100+ positive clients testimonials available, you can see a few of them in my profile.

✅ *** P.S. These discounted Udimi prices won't be for so long..

**** P.S.S. BEFORE YOU BUY, PLEASE keep in mind that I can't guarantee that your funnel will generate sales, it's up to you to have a high converting funnel/offer/page and follow up series.. Also sales don't come right away sometimes! ***

Don't waste your time and bucks anymore.. Now hit me up and get things going!
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Howard Martell
Great swap with lots of o/d
Udimi stats: Delivered 166 out of 150 visitors (+11%)
12 Nov 2020
N/A sales
Tiffany Dick
Awesome solo run! Tons of optins and leads!! Thanks
Udimi stats: Delivered 276 out of 250 visitors (+10%)
11 Nov 2020
N/A sales
I didn't get a high number of optins this time, probably because of my squeeze. But I got two leads which isn't bad at all.
Udimi stats: Delivered 113 out of 100 visitors (+13%)
11 Nov 2020
No sales
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 170 out of 150 visitors (+13%)
11 Nov 2020
No sales
Great solo got multiple optins lead to sales terrific traffic
Udimi stats: Delivered 221 out of 200 visitors (+11%)
9 Nov 2020
Got sales
Amazing solo got multiple opitns and 2 sales love his traffic.
Udimi stats: Delivered 220 out of 200 visitors (+10%)
7 Nov 2020
Got sales
Russ Fye
Awesome solo!!! 22 opt-ins delivered within 1 hour!!! I will be back for more...Thanks!!!
Udimi stats: Delivered 57 out of 50 visitors (+14%)
7 Nov 2020
N/A sales
Tim Worthington
Good solo
Udimi stats: Delivered 440 out of 400 visitors (+10%)
3 Nov 2020
N/A sales
Jim Theriault
Good seller
Udimi stats: Delivered 541 out of 500 visitors (+8%)
22 Oct 2020
Got sales
Many visitors, many clicks on the various offers , Denas Kulinicius over-delivered , practically as soon as I put the order. Overall, very satisfied. Recommend !
Udimi stats: Delivered 84 out of 75 visitors (+12%)
22 Oct 2020
No sales