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Hi, my name is Matevz Fatur - I've been in online marketing industry for more than 6 years and I have my solo ads business since 2015.
Matevz Fatur
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About me
Fresh and Highly Converting Clicks for Your Internet Marketing Needs:

--> Fresh Subscribers Daily
--> High 90%+ T1 Traffic GUARANTEED
--> 15% Over Delivery GUARANTEED
--> Fast Response to Your Wishes
--> Free Tips For Your Capture Page and Funnel
--> Traffic Best For Make Money Online, Work From Home, Bizop

How are you building your list?
--> Bing Ads, Solo Ads (only trusted sellers), Media Buys, Organic
(youtube, forums, etc.)

Do you include buyers in your traffic?
--> Yes! I want you to get sales, so you will receive the same
visitors that are making me money in affiliate commissions.

How can I contact you?
--> Kindly send me a message here on udimi, and I will be happy to
answer all your questions.

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Great run. No sales yet but we will see.
Udimi stats: Delivered 110 out of 100 visitors (+10%)
24 Sep 2018
No sales
David Kilby
Excellent run 58 leads. I'm happy.
Udimi stats: Delivered 110 out of 100 visitors (+10%)
20 Sep 2018
N/A sales
Nick Lal
Great solo, delivered with great speed, and good results. Will buy from again )
Udimi stats: Delivered 110 out of 100 visitors (+10%)
17 Jul 2018
N/A sales
Good run. lots of optins and 3 sales!
Udimi stats: Delivered 550 out of 500 visitors (+10%)
2 Jul 2018
Got sales
Howard Martell
Great swap
Udimi stats: Delivered 140 out of 125 visitors (+12%)
1 Jul 2018
N/A sales
Matevz Thank You
Udimi stats: Delivered 553 out of 500 visitors (+11%)
30 Jun 2018
Got sales