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High Quality T1 Traffic(USA/UK/AUS/NZ) that convert. New Fresh Leads added everyday. Niches - WORK FROM HOME/CRYPTO/HEALTH & BEAUTY PRODUCTS/Bizop.

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High Quality T1 Traffic(USA/UK/AUS/NZ) that convert. New Fresh Leads added everyday. Niches - WORK FROM HOME/CRYPTO/HEALTH & BEAUTY PRODUCTS/Bizop. Read FAQ for more info..Or for more detail you can message me.
What is a solo ad?
Solo ads are email-based advertisements that are sent to a seller's email list on behalf of the buyer.
What are the benefits of buying a solo ad?
Solo ads can quickly drive targeted traffic to your offer, often resulting in leads and sales.
How does buying a solo ad work?
Select the desired click count, provide your link, and complete the payment process. The seller will send your advertising to their email list.
How long will it take for my solo ad to be delivered?
The seller will deliver your order within 100 hours or less.
How can I track the results of my solo ad?
Udimi tracks and filters your clicks automatically. You don't have to use any external tracking.
What Niches do I deal with?
Niches - WORK FROM HOME/CRYPTO/HEALTH & BEAUTY PRODUCTS/Bizop/Online Shopping/Binary Trading/ Numismatic Notes & Coins(Gold/Silver/Paper Currency) - Small & BUlK Buyers are available in my cream List/ Ancient Antiques.
What quality traffic do I give?
I don't compromise on quality of my traffic. Most of the traffic dealers now-a-days would just use a saturated list. Well thats not how I work. I source not only email traffic but also web traffic. Web Traffic is the best source which is generated every day. 
There are many employees who are frustrated with their jobs and are looking for an alternate source of income. And "I strike the hammer when the rod is hot". I get these kind of leads who are ready to invest in new opportunities. This is how I source new leads everyday, making sure that they are interested in a specific field and I add them to my consolidated email list. I have updates every day with interested leads accordingly.
You can add the email list to your auto responder to get repeated sales or for follow ups. Please ensure not to spam. You would want to send a single email in a day to these email lists. They are already curious to know what offers are available for them to buy so that they can start earning asap.
What is the conversion rate for traffic that you buy from me?
That totally depends on your offer. If your offer is good, you will have an excellent amount of opt-ins or direct sales. But be sure that you will  get opt-ins that will covert to sales. You have to ensure timely follow ups with your leads I give or if they are already customers you can do repeated sales for long term.
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