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Been marketing online since the mid'90s, went threw the great Google Slap, 1 cent Facebook leads also, My list is always being refreshed.
William Woolverton
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About me
Welcome, nice to meet you!

First, "Thank You" for checking out my page!

I'm William F. Woolverton from Nashville, Tennessee and I'm here to create the greatest solo ad possible for you.

I've been marketing online since the mid'90s, made it through the great Google Slap with my account in tack, seen 1 cent Facebook leads.

My list is always being refreshed daily.

Here's a little bit of what to expect from me:

* 90-100% T1 Traffic (Mostly USA)
* 10% BONUS clicks on all orders.
* Fast delivery
* My traffic is best for tings related to Make Money Online (MMO), Biz Ops, MLM, CPA Networks (JVZoo, Warrior+, ClickBank, etc..)
* Buyers always Included

✔ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
✔ I'm here to help others succeed online
✔ especially help new affiliates to earn their first affiliate commission.

I'm looking forward to working with you!

To Your Success,
William F. Woolverton
How much Tier 1 traffic do you deliver?
I promise a minimum of 90% T1 traffic with every order. 100% T1 is an option that can be selected during the ordering process.
Do you provide an over deliver of clicks?
I over-deliver clicks by up to 10% on every order.
Do you promote sales letters?
No, I will not. This never ends well for either me or my clients.

Please build a list and promote different products to it.
When will my solo clicks start?
I start sending clicks within one to three hours after accepting your order.
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